Short Term Storage


One of the best assets that we have is a 10,000 sqft warehouse that we own and operate with our own employees. This temperature controlled, state of the art facility is complete with racking, multiple dock doors (both raised and ground level), all with hydraulic loading ramps. The facility is also centrally located (easily accessible through the major 401 artery), and monitored both internally and externally by 24/7 CCTV surveillance and a motion sensing alarm system.

Not moving immediately? No problem! Leverage our warehouse for temporary storage while you await your shipping date. We all know that moving can be complicated and that the dates don’t always match up perfectly. At Kronos we can help relieve you of some of that pressure by providing convenient short-term storage solutions that cater to your needs. You can store anything from furniture, to rugs, to trunks, to art, etc. Take comfort in knowing that we will care for your prized possessions, while you focus on other areas. We are here to put you at ease throughout your entire moving process, and are here to accommodate you. Please let us know if this is something you will require.

In addition to offering personal storage for our customers, we have worked with businesses to offer commercial short-term storage solutions. Call us today and we can discuss how we can support.

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