What countries do you service?
Through our years of experience and extensive network of partners and agents, we are capable of shipping to almost any city in the world. We primarily deal with “Full-Container” shipments (20ft or 40ft), but for some destinations the “Less-than-Container Load” option is available. Ask for a quote here.
How can I import olives & olive oil from Greece?
Here are a few steps that need to be followed to import olives & olive oil from Greece:
  1. Contact our main agent in Greece for the list of local warehouses from which you’ll choose the closest location to you to drop off your shipment. Have in mind that one can import, for personal use, only 50lts per person of olive oil, as per the CFIA limits under the “All other food not mentioned above” category. As for the import of honey, the limit is 20kgs per person.
  2. Your shipment will be then forwarded to the main warehouse in Athens and will be loaded into the container for Toronto, Canada.
  3. Once our agent notifies us with your shipment, you will receive a letter including an Authorization Letter used by our broker to custom clear your shipment and a Declaration Form for you to fill and sign – listing the quantity and description of the products you are importing.
  4. You are asked to send us back the signed documents either with a prepaid envelope we would include in the notification letter or by email.
  5. Once the custom is cleared and your shipment arrives to our warehouse, you will receive a second letter or email notifying you about the arrival and the terminal charges.
  6. You can then come and pick up your shipment from our warehouse. You should have with you with the second notification letter and a Photo ID.
If you reside within GTA, you can contact us for a delivery option. If you reside outside of GTA or in any other province across Canada, you will have to contact us for the delivery charges and find the best option for you. In case you ship – along with olives, olive oil or food products – any other personal item, your entire shipment will be considered as personal effects and your physical presence will be required at Canada Customs for the customs clearance and pickup in Mississauga, ON.
How can I bring my personal belongings/effects in Canada?

Are you moving to Canada? If you are loading your household in a container to Canada, we can help you out wherever you are coming from.

Choose your local moving company and have them contact us or contact us directly so we can guide you through our network around the world.

My shipment has arrived in Toronto, now what? Can someone else pick it up on my behalf?
Here are a few steps that need to be followed before you can pick up your shipment once in Toronto:
  1. Custom clearance needs to take place. If you are bringing in olive oil or commercial goods our custom broker will do the custom clearance for you with the authorization form that you have already signed and sent to us.
  2. Once the clearance is completed, the container is delivered to our warehouse where it gets sort out.
  3. We then inform you with a letter or an email, including the terminal/clearance fees, that your shipment is available for pickup from our office.
Importing personal effects Canada Customs require your physical presence to custom clear your shipment. We will provide you with the required documents so you can clear and pick up your shipment directly from the Canada customs warehouse in Mississauga.

In all cases, you can admit someone else on your behalf for the pick up by providing them an Authorization Letter and the Arrival Letter or Shipping Documents.
What food products can I bring into Canada for personal use?Are there restricted items that cannot be imported into Canada?
As per regulations outlined by the Canadian Border Security Agency (CBSA) and the Canadian Food Inspection Agency (CFIA), there are restrictions on what and the quantity for what can be imported.

We have contacts at both of these agencies as well as with customs brokers, so if there is something we can not answer right away, we suggest reviewing the regulations and we recommend contacting these partners to advise you prior to shipping anything to Canada.
Do you offer end-to-end service (packing, filling, delivery etc.)?
In addition to coordinating the logistical aspects of a shipment, we also offer support for the manual and labor intensive work that you might need.

Please call us today or get a quote here and we’d love to discuss with you on how we can help and the services we offer.
Do I pay duties & taxes for the products I bring into Canada?
You might have to pay duties and taxes for specific commodities and values regulated by Canada Customs.

Olive oil and olives are duty and tax free products, however terminal and custom clearance charges are to be paid – where that applies.

For more information about duties and taxes, you can consult Canada Customs officers.

For the terminal and custom clearance charge you can contact us.
I live in the United States close to the Canadian border, can I pick up from Toronto?
We have many customers from the United States that live closer to the Canadian borders and who choose to bring their shipment to Toronto.

If this applies to you, you should always make sure that you are available to cross the borders and that you are at a driving distance from Toronto.

For areas closer to Chicago or New York, we recommend sending your shipment directly to our network agents.
How can I ship my car overseas?

We have shipped thousands of cars over the years allowing us to be experts on what we do.

Before proceeding, you need to make sure that your car is eligible to be received at the destination country. We recommend reviewing the regulations regarding vehicle import to ensure yours complies with the local rules and requirements.

Factors that may affect the eligibility to import to your destination country include but are not limited to the year of your vehicle, the taxes according to the year, the power of the engine, and other country specific regulations.

For more info about shipping your car overseas, you can visit our page Automobile/Vehicles.

Can anyone help me to load my shipment at your warehouse?
Shipment pickups are done from the dock in our office.

Mostly for safety reasons, our personnel are not permitted to leave the office to help you lift your orders. However, if available, a member of our staff will gladly help you through, but this is not a standard service we promise or provide.

To avoid any problems, we recommend you make sure you can lift your package or have someone with you to help you out. If needed, you can contact us to make arrangements for our delivery service to have your shipment dropped off at your premises.
What payment methods are accepted?
For imports:
  • In house pick up: we accept payments in Cash and Debit cards.
  • Customers outside of the Greater Toronto Area: we accept payments through e-transfers, bank deposits or checks.Please call our office before you proceed with payments, to confirm amounts and delivery details across Canada.
For exports:
  • We accept payments in Cash, Debit cards or e-transfers.
How do I send olive oil outside of Athens?
Our network in Greece expands in the entire country.

To send a package from anywhere in Greece, you can directly contact our main agent in Athens. You will then be informed about your closest local haulier to drop off your shipment.
How should I pack my household for overseas moving?
A good packing is suggested to prevent scratches and damages of your household during the move. Here are some recommendations we offer based on our extensive experience in moving households:
  • Boxes: Use double wall corrugated boxes for better protection.
  • Details: For an easier unpacking procedure, mention on the boxes the room and the category of the items you packed in the box.
  • Heavy items: Put heavier items in smaller boxes to manage them easier around your new house.
  • Glassware: Use proper dividing boxes for glassware and put a soft cushioning on the bottom to avoid brakes.
  • Fragile: Label boxes with fragile labels or tapes where applicable.
  • Attires: For attires you do not want to fold and would prefer to move them hanging, opt for the option of wardrobe boxes. Keep in mind though, if charged by volume, these boxes will take more space.
  • Fabric Surfaced items: For better protection of any fabric surfaces, shrink wrap them to avoid dirt and dust.
  • Furniture: Wrap all furniture items. There are three choices of wrapping, you can choose from: the Cramble roll (a combination of corrugated carton and bubbles), the Single corrugated roll  and the Polyfoam roll.
If you have any further questions, or you need help on what to choose, we are happy to help you out!

We can also provide you with most of the above mentioned material. Contact us here.

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