International Shipping - Germany

What Types of Products Can be Shipped?

We are here to help with your personal and commercial overseas shipments. Although for most things there are no restrictions, it is important to first research what can be imported into the destination country. It may seem obvious for some things (firearms, flammable/explosive items, illegal substances), but countries often have restrictions on items you might not have expected (ex. certain types of food, plants, etc). Doing the appropriate due diligence ahead of time will ensure there are no difficulties when the shipment arrives at the destination port.

In an effort to make your move easier, please see some specifics below relating to Germany. For more detailed specifics, please reach out to the German Consulate.



Please reach out to the consulate for any specific details:

Toronto Federal Republic of Germany Consulate General, Canada

One important thing to remember as you gather your belongings is that we will require an accurate piece count and packing list of everything that will be shipped. The packing list is an essential part of the documentation needed by the customs broker in the destination country, who will clear your shipments once they arrive. A customs broker is always required, so we can help you find one if you do not have your own.

Other important things to be aware of:

Specifics for Exports of Automobiles

Before you decide to ship your vehicle, you need to check if it is eligible to be received at the destination country. We recommend reviewing the regulations regarding vehicle import at the destination country to ensure your vehicle complies. The rules differ by country, but some common factors that may affect the eligibility to import to your destination country include:

After the eligibility check, we will need the original ownership of the vehicle and possibly some other documentation (the local Customs Authorities in the destination country or a custom’s broker can advise). It is also important to consider if this vehicle is being exported for permanent or temporary (tourism) purposes, as this will affect the import taxes and license plate requirements.

For safety reasons, the battery will be disconnected during the trip and please ensure the vehicle is very low on fuel.

How Do We Ship Your Products?

Based on your needs we offer various shipping options through the large ocean freight companies we work with.

We offer three different container sizes for full-container shipments.




20ft Standard Shipping Container

7'8" (2.337m)

7'10" (2.388m)

19'4" (5.893m)

40ft Standard Shipping Container

7'8" (2.337m)

7'10" (2.388m)

39'5" (12.014m)

40ft High Cube Shipping Container

7'8" (2.337m)

8'10" (2.692m)

39'5" (12.014m)

If you are unsure what size you require, please call and arrange for an estimate.

Do You Need Help Getting Your Products Ready?

The items in the container need to be properly packed for overseas transport. We have a variety of packing services that we can offer:

Full Door-to-door Service

Our packing team delivers the container right to your door and packs it for you.

Partial Service

We are available to help where and if you need us. Either through helping you load, arranging for container/shipments pick-up, or general advice/supplies etc.

Less-Than-Container Service (LCL)

For smaller shipments that don’t require a 20ft or 40ft container, this solution looks to consolidate multiple smaller shipments with the same destination, all on one container. As such, we are able to deliver your product to your desired destination, while also unlocking cost savings from not having to pay for a 20ft or 40ft container. This service is only offered to specific destinations (primarily the Balkans and the Carribean), but please contact our office for inquiries.

Custom Crating and Support Structures

To ensure the safety of your shipments during transport, we will crate and build custom supports as needed.

Once the container is packed and ready to move, we will arrange for it to be dropped off at the rail yard so it can be moved to the port.

What Happens After My Container Ships?

Once the container leaves our facility, we partner with one of our many trusted overseas agents to ensure your items get to their final destination. Our counterparts have been selected because of their professionalism, extensive industry knowledge, and level of customer service.

We will also share some resources with you so you know what comes next:

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